GEO4ENERGY Ltd., member of 4ENERGY GROUP holding, is a development and investment company focused on preparation and realization of geothermal power plant projects.

Geological conditions together with favourable legislation show interesting investment potential for geothermal projects in Slovakia. Unique hydrogeological and morphological conditions require professional care in project preparation phase. High-quality geological analyses are crucial for a successful implementation of techniques in realization period.

A lot of geological information in Slovakia comes from Oil & Gas business developed decades ago. A dense network of exploration boreholes brought harvest to state-owned business connected also with gas storages. Most of information gathered in this sector was then transformed for geothermal purposes.

GEO4ENERGY co-operates with partners applying know-how and long experience in the field of geological exploration. Integrating all the strength and potential of Slovakia, together with our professional partners and company’s successful experience in development of renewable energy projects brings success to the projects till the phase of realization.

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