WASTE4ENERGY ltd., member of 4ENERGY GROUP holding, is a development and investment company focused on preparation, realization and operation of projects for energy utilization of communal and industry waste.

The company reacts through its business activities to the unsustainable and environment damaging way of communal waste liquidation in the form of landfilling, which still represents the dominant way of waste treatment in Slovakia and several surrounding countries.

Since each way of communal waste treatment as well as its liquidation carries potentially significant environmental risks, the company applies for its utilization only methods with the lowest level of such risks, primarily then the method of gasification, which apart from low level of produced emissions also allows for efficient electricity and heat generation.

Just as important as selection of the energy utilization method is the selection of suitable and high quality technology of energy utilization itself, which is of highest importance to the company. Therefore, the specific technology must fall under the so called BAT (best available technologies) category, must have sufficient and years long references in countries with high environmental requirements, and, last but not least, it must be supplied by a supplier with adequate experience with operation of such technology.

The company is currently analysing and considering several locations for development of the communal waste utilization projects, nevertheless, further implementation of these projects is hindered by the present problematic legislative framework in the area of waste treatment and liquidation, which has been waiting for years for its approximation to the European standards.