WIND4ENERGY Ltd., member of 4ENERGY GROUP holding, is a development and investment company focused on preparation, realization and operation of wind power plant projects.

In project preparation, the company applies know-how from countries with long-term tradition in electricity production from wind power plants as well as proven technological solution from well-established and reputable manufacturers and suppliers.

Each wind power plant projects implemented by the company must fulfil a complex set of strict environmental and social criteria, so that its implementation has a minimal impact on the natural environment and sanitarian and social comfort of dwellers.

The goal of WINDENERGY Ltd. is to contribute by medium of construction and operation of wind power plants to mitigation of climate change impacts (by decreasing of CO2 emission mainly), to mitigation of degradation of environment, to mitigation of dependency on import of energy sources, to diversification of energy sources and increasing of local and regional energy self-sufficiency. From the global point of view, the goal of the company is to contribute to increase of renewable energy sources share on gross domestic energy consumption up to 2020.

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